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Ski Instructor Program vs Internship

You're deciding between a ski-instructor training program and an internship. While they both look good, each has pros and cons. You're searching for a program that can help you gain the skills and connections that ultimately lead to employment. You're also looking to enjoy yourself, have a great time, and be in an incredible, natural environment. You want to be surrounded by enthusiastic peers and teachers ready to share their knowledge and passion about skiing alongside you. You may be craving a foreign, exotic location away from home to experience an adventure and a fresh start. It’s hard to choose the right direction with so many options out there.

Well, take a deep breath because you’re in the right place! 

At Project Snow in beautiful Niseko, Japan, we don’t just have training programs for beginner to advanced skiers. We provide a foundation that builds and develops your skills for a lifetime. We can open the door to endless winters. Start your ski training journey with a training program that delivers on its promise, has high-quality teachers and curriculum and takes care of the scheduling and organization. We’re a little biased when it comes to training programs over internships. Scroll to find out why.

The Problem with Internships

Wasted Hours

Internships are great until they’re not. Interns find themselves at the mercy of a constantly fluctuating work schedule. Hours are never guaranteed because you are basically on a zero-hour contract. The holiday period is often extremely busy but then followed by long lulls. Interns can find themselves losing money during the season because the proper budget information wasn't provided to them. Downtime is typically unproductive, and at the end of the day, you’ve spent half of it standing around when you could have been skiing or training. 

Disorganized & Unproductive

While interns do get some work and can reach level 1 and/or level 2, the downtime can be highly disorganized. Internships do offer some skiing experience, but if you aren’t using your downtime to develop skills and gain experience, you'll probably leave feeling unfulfilled. If this is a gap year or first experience, you may be left on your own when it's slow, which doesn’t help you get better, and can lead to disappointment. This can all be resolved by an organization that carefully presents the budget, schedule, benefits, and expectations upfront. Our training program is mapped out so the skier develops and leaves satisfied, no matter their starting level. 

Won’t Cover Your Cost Of Living 

Due to the design of most internships, many skiers find that their cost of living is not covered. Obviously, skiers want to get out on the slopes as much as possible, but signing up for a program should come with some guarantees. Internships often don’t have enough students to teach as you are only working as a level 1 instructor. After a training program you get a more stable work schedule because there are more students to teach, both beginner and intermediate, which will make your work hours more consistent during your next season. We Feel Your Pain.

A Steep Learning Curve 

After putting in so much time preparing for your career or after going through intensive schooling, entering the real world can be challenging and daunting at the very least. There's a lot of fear around finding your first work experience position, internship, or training program. It can be hard to find a quality, hands-on program. Especially if you are coming in with little to no previous experience or need help with the basic principles of teaching. It can be overwhelming when you take a big career step. 

You Need Feedback 

While employees are subject to evaluations and constant feedback, people looking for that valuable work experience may lack the proper help and guidance they need to succeed. As an intern, it’s easy to be overlooked when it comes to performance reviews which can leave an aspiring ski-instructor feeling overwhelmed, unsure, and lost. 

You Want To Get A Job

The goal of any training program is to find you proper employment afterward. With internships, they may guarantee a job offer, but that doesn't mean they will guarantee hours. That’s a big difference between us, and them. Our training program can give you a much higher starting point as a level 2 instructor. You leave with a substantially higher skill set on the snow and the large professional network you need to take the next steps. With our training program, you get to skip level 1 and go straight to level 2's hourly wage. 

The Advantages of a Training Program 

You’ll Be Focused

With a training program like ours at Project Snow, you don’t have to sweat the small stuff, as the whole time is organized to maximize your benefits. From training to freeskiing, social events to cultural experiences, you’ll get everything you need to improve and have a great time. With everything provided and organized, you can focus on being the best ski instructor possible. As a trainee, you'll grow into the person you wish to become by gaining access to unique bonding experiences and incredible resources. 

The Full Experience

At Project Snow, we're experience-focused, meaning you benefit from hands-on training and ski boots on the ground. With us, you get to live and breathe everything you need to know to be an excellent and well-prepared ski instructor. With your entire season mapped out before you even arrive, you can properly balance your time here, never wasting a second. 

You’ll Get Certified

At the end of the training program, you’ll receive a certification recognizing you internationally as an official ski instructor. Through our global network, you gain access to work opportunities and we'll help you find your next step for future seasons. Basically, think of us as your launch pad into your new career! 

What You Need to Know Overall

The best way to set yourself up for future success and become the best skier possible is by learning how to teach others. With Project Snow's training platform, you'll be given the tools to improve your skills throughout a lifetime. We will certify you to teach around the globe and make you a flexible and adaptable candidate ready for any job. 

No longer will you need to worry about choosing the right training ground, resort, or type of program. With a proper training program, you'll get hands-on experience, organized schedules and events, and a community to be a part of for the rest of your life. Project Snow is your next big step toward your career. With the ultimate destination, schedule, experience, and lifetime community, Project Snow is your next big step toward future seasons and the experience of a lifetime. 

Enquire about our training program today, and get one step closer to becoming an instructor.


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