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Always dreamed of learning how to ski and becoming an instructor? Here’s how…

We've all seen the videos of people floating through deep powder, having the time of their lives. If you've never had the opportunity to learn how to ski or snowboard, it can seem like a pretty daunting task to figure out where to start (and no, it's never too late). If you're thinking about finally getting out there, you've come to the right place, as we're going to break down all the key elements to get you shredding in no time.

I didn't grow up on the snow 

As adults, there is a common misconception that it's too difficult to learn new skills and sports. We wish we had started as kids because they always pick up new things so quickly. However, I'm here to tell you that it's not the case. It's a matter of putting in consistent time, effort and proper instruction and you can become competent at anything new. Sports like skiing and snowboarding may seem challenging to start with, considering the logistics involved, but it's actually easy to get started.

How to start. Why lessons are key. 

Ok, I'm keen to learn how to ski, and I'm going to just go and figure it out on my own. This is where you'll set yourself up for a really challenging experience. Like with any new sport or skill, the most effective way to learn is from those who know what, how, and why each individual piece of the sport works together. Start with lessons at a ski school. Instructors have been skiing, training, and coaching for years, and they will help you build a solid foundation, enabling you to continue working on your skill sets, all while having a positive time out on the mountain. You might think your friend is pretty good and can teach you, but many times they just tell you to do this and do that without a full understanding of the body mechanics. Instructors have been specifically trained to teach someone with zero experience and get them comfortably cruising down the mountain.


You are going to take some tumbles, and there is no way around that. We would generally recommend starting on skis rather than snowboarding, as it's much easier to stay upright and avoid falling back and injuring yourself. Once you're comfortable on the snow, then you can try snowboarding. Both sports are incredibly fun! Being relatively fit will help you absorb those impacts and spend more time on the snow. You don't need to be a bodybuilder, but having a strong core and lower body will make the experience more enjoyable. Chat with any trainer about how to put together a simple routine that you can do at home or at the gym to prepare.

The next step, how an instructor certificate can help. 

The best way to improve is to learn how to teach. When you train to help others start from scratch, you'll build a base on how to self-coach, which speeds up your improvement. If you love it as much as we think you will, you'll also open up new future paths. You could look to work during holiday periods or go out and work a season or two abroad. Alternatively, you can help friends and family get out there to share experiences on the snow together. There are so many options!!

Putting it all together 

We've developed a one-of-a-kind course where everything happens all in one season. If you're looking to get as good as you can in the shortest possible time, check out our 11-week learn-to-ski, level 1 instructor course, The Primer. It's in the powder capital of Niseko, Japan, and starts with 5 weeks of group lessons to get you to a strong intermediate level. We'll pack 5 to 6 years of 1-week holidays into the first half, then move on to the instructor training and exam, where you'll walk away with an internationally recognized certification. If you're thinking about working a future season, we'll also have industry meet and greets to network, help with your CV and online presence, and assist you in creating an intro video for hiring managers. There are no language requirements, as everything is in English, and we'll also explore the culture and food of Japan to round out the experience.

We're here to help 

There's a lot to think about, and we're available to walk you through everything involved. Please reach out to us at or check out the course here:

See you out there!!


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