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The Endless Winter: Linking Back to Back Ski Seasons

Wait a second, you can do that?! We are stoked you’re thinking about getting out there to chase the snow! The Northern Hemisphere winter runs from December to April and the Southern Hemisphere from June through September. With some planning you can set yourself up to be chasing the snow indefinitely. Our guide will help you make the most of your time away.

Plan Your Journey:

Before embarking on your adventure, careful planning is crucial. Take into account factors such as visa requirements, travel logistics, and budget. You can start with either season to help with your timing. Some European resorts offer glacier options that allow skiing year-round, making it easier to bridge the shoulder seasons. If you are looking to work, be sure to make sure you qualify for working holiday visas and understand the application process as some require you to submit documents in your home country before you leave.

Where to go:

There are so many fantastic options out there! To help narrow it down, here are some resorts to start with. In the Northern Hemisphere: Japan, checkout Niseko and Hakuba. Canada boasts Revelstoke and Lake Louise. Switzerland, Zermatt and Verbier. In the US, explore Mammoth and Breckenridge. For the Southern Hemisphere: In New Zealand, start with Remarkables and Cardrona. Australia: Perisher and Thredbo. Don’t miss Nevados de Chillan in Chile and Las Leñas in Argentina. Check out Powder Hounds for a full review on most every resort in the world.

What to do:

There are heaps of different work and training options during ski seasons that you can take advantage of with a bit of planning. Do you have a hospitality or a kitchen background, are you looking to become a ski instructor or resort representative? Some great places to start looking are Best Ski Jobs, Seasonworkers and Go Abroad.

Additional Considerations:

While planning, keep in mind the visa requirements for each country you plan to visit, as well as the necessary travel arrangements. Ensure you have the appropriate equipment, clothing, and travel insurance to cover any potential mishaps. A quick general visa guide for working holiday options (be sure to specifically research your citizenship): . 

  • Ages 18 to 31
  • 12 to 24 months
  • UK citizens: Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Australia
  • US citizens: Canada, New Zealand, Australia
  • Australian/New Zealand citizens: Canada and Japan
  • EU citizens: Switzerland (no visa required), Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Australia

Thanks for your time and we’re pumped you’re thinking about getting out there to pursue an endless winter! We appreciate how much planning there is involved and are here to help. If you have a specific question about what to do or where you can go please reach out anytime at If you are thinking about getting an internationally recognised ski or snowboard instructor certification and want to experience some of the best powder in the world check out our courses in Niseko, Japan here

See you out there!!


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